GIVING BACK (Charity Work)

We strive to be a business that gives back and helps support those in need if we are in a position to do so.

We firmly believe that even a little bit helps!

Read about the various charitable causes we support/have supported below.




We have supported Ukraine during the awful Russian 2022 invasion in a couple of ways.

We made the decision to donate 5% of the profits we make from any crypto sales to the Ukrainian people forced to leave their homes.

We also designed and released a 'Support Ukraine' jumper, where 100% of the profits of all sales made will be donated.


Adopting Our First Camel

On 09/03/22 we made the decision to adopt a Bactrian Camel called Charles who lives at Dudley Zoo and Castle, UK.

We have adopted him for a 12 month period and there is a plaque outside his enclosure to showcase this.



Coming Soon...

More to come...